Dollars and Sense


Dollars and Sense is a Six week program that is intended to help you improve your money management skills.  Originally launched in April of 2015 as a joint program between Extension programs in both Cooke and Tarrant Counties, this program will be offered at other times during the year.  During this six weeks you will receive a weekly email newsletter with a link to an online money management lesson.  The program is at  no cost to participants and any adult with an email address can participate.

Topics covered include:Girl with a dollar sign

¢ It all starts with a goal

¢ Where does my money go?

¢ Stopping the spending leaks!

¢ How much credit is enough?

¢ Making a plan….and a budget!

¢ How much am I really worth?

¢ Letting your money go to work for you!

¢ Keeping up with Financial Records


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