2020-21 4-H Council Officer Application

The application process for 2020-21 4-H Council Officers will be online.

***Applications must be submitted online***

Deadline to apply is May 15, 2020.

Officer Position and Duties were amended at the March 2012 meeting (Article V Cooke County 4-H Council Bylaws). Refer to the Cooke County 4-H Council Bylaws for current information on offices.

In the event that an elected council officer is eligible for a district delegate position and is multi-cultural, that officer may serve as a delegate for the county to the district council or as the alternate multicultural delegate (Article V: Section 14 Cooke County 4-H Council Bylaws)

Cooke County 4H Council Bylaws

Please Read the Following Before Submitting Your Application

Below, you will find descriptions of officer duties for the Cooke County 4-H Council. Please be sure you understand the responsibilities involved prior to submitting your online application.

President Duties

1st Vice President Duties

2nd Vice President Duties

3rd Vice President Duties

Secretary/Treasurer Duties

Parliamentarian Dutiess

Health & Safety Officer Duties

Reporter/Historian Duties

Council Delegate Duties

Agriculture Relations, Family & Consumer Science Relations & Youth Board Relations Duties


Duties that will be Required (only in school sponsored activities with prior notification will an officer be allowed to miss)

  1. I will attend 4-H Council Officer monthly meetings.
  2. I will attend 4-H Council meetings in: September, November, January, March and April/May.
  3. I will help plan and then attend National 4-H Week activities held at the Courthouse.
  4. I will help plan and conduct county-wide events and activities.
  5. I will attend the Achievement Banquet ( I will be expected to do the work to qualify).
  6. I will help plan and conduct the One Day 4-H event in Cooke County.
  7. I will attend the 4-H Livestock Show and help with not showing, either with younger 4-H members, as a superintendent’s assistant or with the concession stand.
  8. I will volunteer in the Extension Office for a least 2 hours per month.
  9. I will Help the 4-H agent or any other adult at any 4-H event and/or activity. I will help before I need to be asked.

Other duties will be optional, i.e. commentator for the Share the Fun and the Fashion Show, etc.

Cooke County 4-H Council Officer Application

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