4-H Camp Counselor

2020 County 4-H Camp Counselor


To provide a leadership experience in the out-of-doors with special opportunity for educational and social adjustment through group living.


  1. To provide opportunities for 4-H club members
  2. To participate in the Cooke County 4-H Camp program from the planning stages to the actual event
  3. To learn to live,work and play with younger 4-H members as well as adults
  4. To learn to accept and discharge responsibility
  5. To develop and/or enhance life skills, such as leadership, teamwork, self-responsibility, cooperation and planning/organizing


  1. Must be currently enrolled as a Cooke County 4-H member
  2. Must submit a completed online application form to the Extension Office by April 20, 2020


  1. Candidates for Cooke County 4-H Camp Counselor shall submit an application by the due date
  2. All applications received by the due date will be reviewed by the Cooke County 4-H Camp Counselor Selection Committee
  3. The Cooke County 4-H Camp Counselor Selection Committee will use the following criteria in selecting Camp Counselor
        • Must be going into the 8th grade
        • Must have attended Cooke County 4-H Camp in previous years
        • Has demonstrated leadership abilities and maturity of judgment
        • Is willing to take an active role in the pre-camp planning stages as well as participate during the camp week
        • Has initiative and enthusiasm
        • Enjoys being outdoors


  1. The Cooke County 4-H Camp Counselor Selection Committee is composed of adult volunteer leaders who have been adult leaders at Cooke County 4-H Camp
  2. The 4-H Youth Development Staff shall represent the Texas AgrtiLife Extension as an ex-officio liaison


Please Read and be READY to do the following:

  1. Provide leadership/attend Cooke County 4-H Camp
  2. Responsible, trustworthy & mature
  3. Outgoing, energetic & enthusiastic
  4. Good role model and positive attitude – even on the last morning
  5. Friendly, caring & fun to everyone – NO cliques!!
  6. Kind, understanding & helpful
  7. Excited to be a counselor
  8. Good skills working with others (campers, counselors, adults)
  9. Skills – organization, time management & communication

 Before Camp Responsibilities:           

  • Participate in mandatory counselor training and camp planning
  • Plan games, welcome activities and free time ideas
  • Prepare as best you can for preventing or handling problems and a variety of situations at camp
  • Review the camp schedule and know what is expected of counselors
  • Prepare yourself for working with a variety of campers
  • Plan to bring toys, books or a stuffed animal if needed by campers

Responsibilities at Camp:

  • SAFETY – Make safety a TOP PRIORITY! Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, take action if you see or hear unsafe actions being planned or carried out!
  • Remember – Campers First!! Cooke County 4-H Camp is for the campers!!!
  • TIMELINESS/PUNCTUALITY – Be physically on time and where you are supposed to be during the designated time period (at a workshop/class, participating in a camp activity, during meal times, in your own designated cabin, etc.) Follow through with your responsibilities for that particular time period; inform adult leader if you cannot be in a designated location due to an emergency.
  • Dining Hall/Mealtime Duties – Be responsible and take care of all assigned mealtime chores – before, during and after – including cleaning up, in accordance with policies and procedures set forth in training meetings.
  • Lights Out – Remain in your designated cabin with the campers from lights out until wake-up time the following morning.
  • Be a good leader – discuss camp rules with all of your cabin-mates; set the example – follow and enforce all camp rules.
  • Possession or use of tobacco, alcohol, illegal drugs, firearms or fireworks is prohibited at all times
  • Set a good example by your words and your actions – Always remember that your language must be appropriate for a 4-H member – Do not use language that is socially offensive; never use profanity.
  • Conduct yourself in a mature manner and avoid any public displays of affection during Counselor training programs/meetings, activities or during camp
  • Dress appropriately – Be conscious of the images and words on clothing as well as your general appearance (tank tops should have 1″ wide straps, no baggy pants, no short-shorts). If you are dressed inappropriately, you WILL BE asked to change into more appropriate clothing – please follow the dress rules/guidelines outlined in the camp packet
  • Leave valuable personal property at home – do not bring to camp without prior permission. This includes, but is not limited to the following: expensive watches/jewelry, palm pilots, laptops, beepers, electronic games, walkie-talkies, musical instruments, sports equipment, etc.
  • Be responsible – DO NOT delegate your responsibilities to others. DO make every effort to involve them in experimenting with leadership roles – Encourage, support and guide.
  • Respect the rights of privacy of others and respect the personal property of others.
  • Take responsibility in keeping track of campers – count heads/be sure everyone is accounted for – be sure that no 4-Her is left behind!
  • Make all campers feel welcome – treat others like you want to be treated!
  • Make sure all campers are included in activities – give plenty of encouragement and praise!
  • Work in a fast-paced environment
  • Make new friends and learn with the campers – you can find a learning experience in everything you do!
  • Smile – even when you don’t feel like smiling! So important – practice if you have to!

After Camp

  • Make sure all campers leave with a smile!
  • Wait with the campers to be sure they all have rides home
  • Take responsibility in cleaning up and loading up for all adult leaders including county agent
  • Evaluations – Help conduct post-camp evaluation survey and compile and Excel worksheet with results
  • Treat campers the same outside of camp (county show, school) like you were still at camp

Please be sure to fill out and answer everything in the application that begins below. If you skip any part of the application and try to submit, a screen will pop up stating that there was a problem with your submission and errors have been highlighted. 

APPLICATION DEADLINE IS APRIL 20, 2020. If you try to submit an application after this deadline, it will not be accepted. 

In addition to submitting the application online, you will also be required to have two (2) recommendations.

  • One from a current adult 4-H Club Manager
  • One from an adult non-4-H leader.

Both of those documents are provided below –  for you to either download, print and give to the person(s) recommending you or, for them (the person recommending you) to access and complete. The forms are fillable, however, they must be printed once filled. You will not have the ability to save a filled in form.


Current 4-H Club Manager Recommendation.Fillable Form

Non 4-H Leader Recommendation.Fillable Form


The Deadline for Application as a Cooke County 4-H Camp Counselor has passed. Sorry, your application will not be accepted.


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