4-H Program Preparedness Plan Checklist


    Please include the 4-H agent in the notifications to the club members on the meetings. A simple CC of the email to pagriffin@ag.tamu.edu
  • Determine space requirements for participants and make certain proposed space is sufficient to allow 6-foot social distancing requirements. If indoors, what is the stated room capacity? Remember the appropriate percentage of capacity must not be surpassed. If outdoors, is the space sufficient for the anticipated number of attendees? Can they see and hear the program while maintaining appropriate social distancing practices? If not, what accommodations will be made for sound and visual participation?

    Please provide details where space is allowed for them.
    If you do have a "Check-In" table, make sure to have no more than one line and one volunteer member per table. Tables should be spaced a minimum of 6 feet apart.
  • Please add who is filling out this form.


2018 Cooke County Food Show

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