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This will be a multi-county food show, but each county will be judged separately so that the 1st place winner is determined for the District Food Show. Counties participating will be Collin, Cooke, Denton and Grayson.

The theme for the 2018 Food Show is “Restaurant Re-Creations” What is your favorite restaurant entree? Is it an appetizer like fried cheese sticks or a main dish like Chicken Alfredo? maybe your favorite dish is a side dish like sweet potato fries or chips and salsa? Most Americans feel an evening out with family or friends qualifies for indulging in a few extra calories. However, the low nutritional value and high calorie and fat content of some of your “favorites” may shock you!

This year’s 4-H Food Show theme challenges contestants to take their favorite dish and make it a healthy one! Contestants should find ways to “re-create” the tast by using alternate ingredients and cooking methods. Contestants should discuss in their food show interview the substitutions of ingredients utilized to acquire the same taste and quality as their favorite restaurant serves.

The 4-H Food Show is a unique opportunity for 4-H’ers to showcase the skills and knowledge they have gained from participating in foods and nutrition projects as well as experience in presenting themselves with confidence.  However, project members are not required to enter the show to complete the project.

Contest Information and Required Entry Forms

4-H Multi County Food Show Guidelines 2018



Deadline for Entries: Tuesday, November 13, 2018 at 5 pm. No Late Entries Accepted!  Early Entries are always welcomed!  Entries may be emailed to: or faxed to (940)668-5402

Or delivered to our office.

To Enter, please submit the following forms:

Food Show Entry Form 2018

Food Show Project Record Form-2018


Academic Eligibility  for Homeschool Participants Only.  All Public and Private School Eligibility will be requested from our office.


Tools to Help You Prepare

SENIOR DIVISION-Recommended Interview Questions

JUNIOR DIVISION-Recommended Interview Questions-2018

INTERMEDIATE DIVISION-Recommended Interview Questions 2019

Scorecard Senior-2018

Scorecard Intermediate-2018

Scorecard Junior-2018


Texas 4-H Food Contest Information

My Plate

Food Safety

Dietary Guidelines for Americans

Preparation Principles & Function of Ingredients

 Nutrient Needs at a Glance

 Nutrient Needs at a Glance (kid friendly)

Beef from Farm to Table

Produce: Selecting and Serving it Safely

Raw Produce Selecting and Serving it Safely 

Health and Wellness Resource Guide for Fruits & Vegetables

“The Garden Grocery: Food Safety & Selection at the Farmer’s Market” Powerpoint

“The Garden Grocery: Food Safety & Selection at the Farmer’s Market” Handout


Dinner Tonight









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