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TRANSFORM Receives A “Section 18”
The Environmental Protection Agency and the Texas Department of Agriculture announced that Transform insecticide has been granted a Section 18 for sugarcane aphid in forage and grain sorghum for 2016. A Section 18 is an emergency exemption allowing use of a pesticide on a specific crop for the management of a specific insect. The availability of Transform gives growers a second tool in their arsenal against the sugarcane aphid.  Sivanto is another insecticide that may be used on sugarcane aphid in grain sorghum. It may cost a little more than Transform, but there is data indicating it may last a little longer.




The unusual weather, abundant insects and fungal plant diseases are impacting all of us. Below are some attachments and links to websites you might find interesting or helpful.

Funguses favor cooler temperatures and excess moisture. Follow the link here to get information for disease control for vegetables:

Organic Disease Control for Vegetables

The latest research on Sugarcane Aphids, a new pest that is very destructive to our grain sorghum and annual fast grasses can be found here:

Sugarcane Aphids

Problems with Mosquitoes? Go to mosquito safari to discover what everyone should know about this pest!


Weeds or Moss in your ponds or small lakes? Try this website for answers.










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